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I was gone for a minute now I'm back and it feels so good.

Hi if you're new here I'm Maryum owner of MKS where we teach other artisans the art of sewing. I had my first sewing class in May of 2019 3 YEARS LATER July 17,2022 I held my second class and it feels so gooooood. To sew you must have a lot of patience and that I do have. In my class you forget about that anxiety you once had. You feel at home, you learn and I ensure this by keeping my classes at a max of 4 students. Over my years of teaching 1 on 1 classes I learned alot from my students. Each student is different but very similar. Not only in class do we talk about sewing but we talk about our goals and vision before and after completing my course. In my class you receive a course binder to keep, sewing supplies, use of machines, sewing knowledge from the best, a lifelong mentor (me), and two certificates you earned. I promise you this is a class you don't want to miss. If you or someone you know who is interested in sewing, send them here.

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