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Why I left my job and became a full time entrepreneur!

Happy world health day! Today 4/7/22 I celebrate 6 months of full time entrepreneurship! I was working at a job paying 50K+ a year. Now look the job was not the issue I was the issue. I would allow myself to get up go to work ON TIME and be upset with myself for the entire day. Some days I would cry for about 4 minutes straight like crying the snots and all. If you can't figure why I left here it is. I left because I love myself more than I loved the work environment I was in. I left because all I have is me and if my mental isn't right where I was working to me that meant I didn't belong. Cheers to month 6, cheers to taking the leap, cheers to not stopping. This is only the beginning I promise it's more in store later.

xx MKS

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