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Why I started fashion designing?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Yes, I been in love with fashion, styles and trends since my younger years but there was an actual reason I started sewing.

1994 Baltimore native dainty, old souled and stylish that was me. I had to have the matching socks, gloves, purse, tights, trench jacket and dress. Each time it was time to dress up. I played sports (well attempted lol) my go to was always opening my mothers wood box filled with sewing supplies. That was my fav sport. I used to sew things by hand put holes in clothes just to sew them back up. My mother purchased my first sewing machine when I was about 8 years old it was very complicated to use but very basic. By the time I was 15 I received my second sewing machine (I consider it my first it was a "big Girl" sewing machine). I would created dresses, accessories and do alterations for family and friends. my sewing was actual a need growing up with my mother, sister and I times were hard but we never felt it. That was then I opened my sewing machine manual and taught myself how to sew. my mother tried learning with me from what she remembered from when she was younger but she just could not grasp it. From that point on I was able to create garments for all the special occasions I had during high school. The feeling i had knowing i would have had to possibly miss these event made me go on to perfect my craft. today i pay it forward. each prom season i donate 1 custom prom dress to one high school baltimore city senior.

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